Thursday, 21 April 2016

Lonely, Jet-Lagged Middle-aged Man Makes Coffee for Absent Wife (Onion?)

Oxford area man, James McCrone, lonely and jet-lagged made two cups of coffee this morning--one for himself, and one for his wife, who is still traveling.

"It was so automatic," he said, "the crema on the espresso was perfect and I wanted to show it to her...but she's still on the East Coast.  I guess I'm just an old married man," he sighed.  McCrone reports that he is also only sleeping on "his" side of the bed even though for once in his life he can sprawl across the mattress with impunity.

When reached for comment in transit between Philadelphia and New Haven, his wife, Rutgers University Professor Lisa L Miller, said "That's really touching.  And the coffee does look good."  By way of clarification, she added, "but don't believe what he says about 'his' side of the bed. I won't believe he isn't taking up three-quarters of the bed without independent corroboration; and I would be skeptical (and furious!) regarding how such evidence was obtained.

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