Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Publishers Weekly Review 11-July 2016

Faithless Elector is really beginning to take off! Publishers Weekly has given it a good review, and there are two more reviews pending as well as excellent reader reviews on GoodReads and

I had the opportunity to Skype into a book group in Dubuque on Monday evening who were reading FE. Their questions, insights and positive responses were really invigorating and gratifying.

I enjoy discussing the book, writing, politics.  

I am on Twitter at @jamesmccrone4, and I have a Facebook page 'Faithless Elector by James McCrone' where I take questions.  I also am available on GoodReads 'Ask the Author'.

I'm still jazzed about talking with the Dubuque book group, and I would love to speak with more people.  

Contact me through Twitter, FB or GoodReads.

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